Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Castle of Vomit has been created to function as a side company to my record label Yersinia Pestis. Initially I created YPestis as an outlet for pretty much anything I wanted to create and sell, but I feel now that it should stand solely as a record label and Castle of Vomit can be my way of releasing anything that is weird random and/or repulsive. I tattoo full time during the day and am a freelance illustrator and run the record label in my free time. Most if not all releases from here will either be draw sculpted or designed by me. For instance, the first product released by CoV will be a Coffin Joe embroidered patch and pin set. This originally was supposed to be a YPestis release, but is far more suited to a company strictly focusing on Cult Underground Horror.

This will serve as a news/progress report page, and a Castle of Vomit store page will soon be available in the links section to the right. Also I will use this as a general blog type page for things of interest and relating to CoV-trailers, images, etc.

I have many arcane Horror abominations planned for release through CoV, and am currently experimenting with mold making for the next release. I don't want to give too much away yet, but most likely it will be "oily".

I appreciate all interest in this site, please spread the word to others who may be interested. Anyone who would like to be added to the CoV mailing list, please email me at joshmac76 [at] gmail . com. You will be among the first to know about new products and exclusive mailing list only offers.

Meanwhile, here's a preview of the Coffin Joe embroidered patch. I contacted Coffin Joe's office in Brazil and spoke with his son about releasing this patch and a t-shirt. Both gentlemen granted me permission to release these items, which of corse is greatly appreciated. Patch and buttons will be available soon. I'll also be putting the remaining Herschell Gordon Lewis shirt,patch,buttons, barf bag sets up for sale that I made last year on the CoV store.